Hilaria Baldwin Explains on Instagram Why Her Accent Fluctuates

Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Alec Baldwin, posted a video on Instagram defending her Spanish heritage and explaining her fluctuating accent. This was prompted by a Twitter post that caused a storm, accusing Hilaria of impersonating a Spanish person. Her video addresses many topics, including her place of birth, being bilingual, and even her name.

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin Admits Also Using the Name Hillary

As the tweet reached many people, some responded claiming to have gone to school or grown up with Hilaria and that she went by the name “Hillary” at that time. Hilaria explains in her video that her parents and everyone in Mallorca where her family lives call her Hilaria. However, while growing up in America, she would use the name Hillary as the American variation of Hilaria. She says that in both languages, the name means “happy” and is indeed the same name.

Addressing Being Bilingual

bilingual educationHilaria’s accent fluctuated from Spanish to American English between different interviews and Instagram videos. The yoga instructor explains that she was raised bilingual and speaks two languages. In her Instagram video she says that, when spending a lot of time speaking one language or the other, she tends to start mixing them and says that this is something she had been insecure about in the past. She continues to explain that if she gets nervous or upset, she begins mixing the two languages even more and that this isn’t something she’s playing at.

Hilaria Speaks of Embracing One’s Heritage

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin with 3 of their children.Hilaria adds that she feels lucky to have grown up with two different cultures and speaking two languages. She is also raising her children to speak Spanish as their first language. Although she was born in Boston and spent a lot of her life in America, she says she is a “different kind of Bostonian”. Hilaria Baldwin explains that being authentic is important to her and that, while people would like to label her as either American or Spanish, she is both and that she wouldn’t want to change her background.