More Than Aquaman: 4 Reasons Why Jason Momoa is A Great Rolemodel

Aquaman saved the DC Cinematic Universe with its big-budget superhero action. It was surprising that The Conjuring director James Wan could pull it off given previous genre projects.

Yet Aquaman wouldn’t have earned over a billion dollars without Jason Momoa. He was practically born for the role of the King of Atlantis.

But while Momoa is awesome onscreen and all, let’s not discount that he’s also an awesome human being in general. Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof below.

More Than Aquaman: 4 Reasons Why Jason Momoa is A Great Rolemodel

1) A Great, Loving Husband

The 40-year-old superstar doesn’t take things for granted. He never fails to make his wife, American actress Lisa Bonet, feel appreciated.

During one interview, Momoa couldn’t help but say just how amazing Bonet is. He only wants the best for her. Plus, she’s always on his mind.

Did you know that Momoa and Bonet only got married recently? People thought they tied the knot in November 2007, but the wedding took place on October 2017.

Before he married her, Momoa already knew she was his dream girl. So when he wrote her part in his 2014 film Road to Paloma, he made sure that Bonet’s character suited her.

Momoa even went on to admit that he felt a bit shy when they began working together on the film. Now, he and Bonet have a loving family, complete with two adorable kids.

1) A Great, Loving Husband

2) An Unceasing Curiosity for Everything

Why is Jason Momoa such a charismatic guy? For one, he’s not afraid to try new things. He knows the world has a lot to offer and he’s willing to learn.

Many people are into basketball and football. But Momoa doesn’t limit himself to these sports activities. He’s also into rock climbing, hiking, skateboarding, and biking, among many others.

The Game of Thrones star knows how to develop his mind and enjoy the arts as well. Aside from reading, Momoa has spent his time studying Buddhism, playing the guitar, and writing poems.

2) An Unceasing Curiosity for Everything

3) He Values Culture and Tradition

Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and he’s proud of it. He was perfect for Aquaman because it made him feel happy being a brown superhero — something his fellow Polynesians would admire.

Moreover, Momoa knows how his people are good at swimming and diving. They all live in the islands, after all.

For his Game of Thrones audition, Momoa also did the Haka — a ceremonial dance in the Maori culture. He performed greatly and caught the attention of the casting department.

3) He Values Culture and Tradition

4) Momoa is Willing to Fight for a Worthy Cause

Superheroes fight because they believe in the power of good against evil. As for Momoa, he knows that reality needs heroes as well.

When it was announced that a telescope and observatory was planned for construction in the culturally respected volcano Mauna Kea, Momoa began to protest in his unique way.

The actor dedicated his time fighting against the construction in the sacred Hawaiian site. He started a social media protest in which supporters stated: “We Are Mauna Kea”. 

Several celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Emilia Clarke jointed the case. And we couldn’t be prouder of our real-life hero.