Taylor Swift is Crazy Rich: Here’s How She Grew Her $360 Million Empire

You don’t have to like Taylor Swift’s music to admire her as a person. She’s a fantastic example of how talent and making the right decisions can take you far in life.

She’s been in the music industry since she was 14, and she’s now enjoying the fruit of her labor. At only 29 years old, Swift already has a net worth of $360 million.

But how did the country and pop artist build her fortune? Is it all because of her music? Find out below.

Taylor Swift is Crazy Rich: Here’s How She Grows Her $360 Million Empire

A Phenomenal Start in Her Music Career

One of the most important things in building wealth is to know how to invest. And to make an investment decision, you need money.

Simply put, Taylor Swift knew that she first had to make money before taking business risks. Luckily for her, the world fell in love with her music right from the get-go.

Her second album Fearless spawned the hit songs “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” and it won her the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Swift holds the record for being the youngest recipient of the said award. But that was just the start of her rise in the music industry.

The 29-year-old pop star would go on to release four more albums after Fearless. All of them would land at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and sell over a million copies in their first week.

A Phenomenal Start in Her Music Career

Accepting Business Deals Left and Right

Taylor Swift was popular and she knew she could utilize her fame. While she continued writing and performing music, the singer also became a product endorser.

Swift worked with the likes of Verizon Wireless, American Greetings Corporation, AT&T, Fujifilm, and Capital One. Likewise, she ensured that everyone had access to her music.

She worked with Target and Walgreens to promote her album Red. Also, Keds, CoverGirl, Sony Cyber-shot, and Coke tapped her to become their spokesmodel.

With all these business deals, Swift was generating money outside her music career. But she knew she had to do more.

Accepting Business Deals Left and Right

Going Into the Real Estate Business

Taylor Swift is a great businesswoman. She’s aware that cash can lose value in the long run but real estate value is likely to rise in the long run.

This is why her real estate investments amount to over $80 million. That’s more than 20 percent of her current fortune — and that’s a good decision.

So far, Swift has eight properties in the US. Her most expensive property is in New York City. It has a massive penthouse, a four-level townhouse, and is valued at $40 million.

The artist doesn’t just stick to one location or type of property. For example, she has a property in Rhode Island offering a luxurious view of the sea. 

Going Into the Real Estate Business

Then in Beverly Hills, she owns a mansion. The huge place is valued at almost $30 million but Swift made a smart financial decision here now that it’s designated as a historical landmark.

She’s been praised multiple times for donating millions of dollars to several causes such as education, music, and disaster relief. In the end, Taylor Swift knows how to handle her money — and she’s not greedy about it.