Some 156 Australians Dressed Like Santa Rode Jet Skis for Charity

To raise money for kids in residential care, over 150 Australians dressed like Santa Clause and took to the waves to ride on jet skis. The event was organized as an attempt to set a new Guinness record for most Santas on jet skis and raise money for charity in the process.

156 Santas on Jet Ski for Guinness Record
Some 156 Australians Dressed Like Santa Rode Jet Skis for Charity

The Money Will Go to Christmas Presents for Kids in Care

Naturally, every Santa riding on a jet ski for the event was happy that the money would go to children in residential care. Many people donned the suit just to ensure enough people were participating in setting the new record and securing the money for the kids in need. The result was more than 150 people in Santa suits riding on jet skis and attempting a Guinness World Record for a good cause, as well as a sight to behold for anyone near the Nerang River at the time.

The New World Record Was Set On the Nerang River In Queensland

Santa Waves While Riding On a Jet Ski
Some 156 Australians Dressed Like Santa Rode Jet Skis for Charity

Organizers of the record attempt turned charity event, sent the crowd of 156 Santas to the Nerang River in Queensland where they all boarded their jet skis. The goal — not only to make history but to also ensure that the kids in foster care could get their own Christmas presents. The gathered funds will be distributed by a charity organization known as Christmas Presents for Kids in Care.

The organizers had to beat the impressive previous record of 129 people dressed as Santa riding on jet skis, and fortunately, they had no trouble gathering volunteers for the cause. Ultimately the Santas managed to raise over $10,000 for the charity organization, spreading joy for the many children who would receive presents thanks to their efforts.

This is not the first time Australians have engaged in this kind of charity. Previously, Australia had also set the Guinness record for the biggest surfing lesson, when 320 people, again dressed in Santa Claus costumes, got instructions on how to ride the waves on a board.