A Fun New Dating App Matches People Based On Meme Preferences

Tired of conventional dating apps that match people based on common interests shared in the bio section or personal pictures? There’s a fun, fresh, and somewhat groundbreaking new app that takes a slightly different approach. It matches potential partners based on the memes they like aiming to establish a humor-based connection, which might not be a bad idea.

The New Dating App – Schmooze

Not everyone is fully satisfied with the experience they’ve gotten from conventional dating apps. That’s why Schmooze looks to offer a different approach that could be more fun, fresh, and entertaining. The idea is to swipe on memes instead of people. The app has a carefully-selected collection of 5000 memes. Swipe right if you find a meme funny and left if you don’t. The algorithm then matches people who enjoy the same types of memes the most.

A Fun New Dating App Matches People Based On Meme Preferences

How the App Came to Be

Vidya Madhavan is the app’s 27-year-old creator. According to TechCrunch+, she got the idea for the app while she was in India working as an analyst, trying to decide if she should attend grad school in California. Madhavan emailed ten people she found on Linkedin who attended business school to ask for advice. Only one answered and they proceeded to correspond through hundreds of emails, most of them jokes. Their shared sense of humor brought them together and Madhavan is now married to that man.

The New Dating App - Schmooze

An Interesting New Concept

The CEO told the Daily Free Press that memes are more than just images. They’re an insight into what people find funny. She explained that each generation has its own dating and social procedures. The goal of Schmooze is to become the go-to app for the TikTok generation. A study that was published in the De Gruyter Mouton in 2011 found that over 3000 couples from five different countries were happier if the spouses found each other funny. After all, a sense of humor is a good indicator of intelligence and is often considered a desirable trait.