Top 5 Food Trends Right Now

Tastes and trends change every year. It’s always exciting to try new things, and these food trends are something that you should sample. Take a look at this list and get inspired for your next dining adventure. There is a shift to foods and practices that prioritize the greater good and also are delicious and healthy. We will see this becoming more popular in the coming years.

1. Veganism


Veganism gaining popularity in the mainstream as climate issues become front and center, and healthy lifestyles are trending. Many restaurants and coffee shops are offering plant milk as well as dairy. Meat substitutes are on many menus, and the industry is booming.

Most restaurants in metro areas will have a vegan-friendly option, and we will see this grow. There will be more plant-based foods and plant meats to choose from, as well as vegan restaurants popping up. Many major publications, such as The Economist or The Guardian, have named 2019 “The Year of The Vegan.” We will see how this shapes up in grocery stores and at our tables.

2. Eco-Friendly Packages

Advances in technology mean more eco-friendly packages are becoming mainstream. Banning plastic straws is just the beginning. Companies will incorporate recyclable materials, reusable wrappers, and biodegradable packaging to cut down on waste and help the environment. The no-straw movement is just the beginning, and environmentally friendly food wrappers will be growing in popularity.

3. Tropical Flavors

Tropical Flavors

Consumers are eager to try new and exotic flavors. See more flavors like mangos being in grocery store aisles, with that only being the beginning. You may find dragonfruit flavors in foods as well as guava or passionfruit.

Jackfruit is prevalent in many recipes as a meat alternative. Other popular fruits are pineapple, papaya, lychee, and starfruit. From avocados to coconuts, nearly every trendy diet includes some tropical twist.

4. Hemp

As hemp and its cousin cannabis are growing in acceptance and popularity, it is returning to our dinner plates. Hemp seeds are packed full of amino acids and healthy nutrition, and many are using hemp protein as a supplement.
Many products are also including CBD for its medicinal and relaxing properties. You’ll find more and more products using hemp or CBD as ingredients.
According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 3 out of 4 chefs named cannabis as the biggest food trend in 2019. Cannabis edibles are on the rise in countries such as Canada where it is legal.

5. Food that gives back to a cause

Foods that support charities or the greater good are on the increase. There will be a growing emphasis on foods that are fair trade or ethically sourced.
For example, Kuli Kuli is a US company that sells moringa powder. It works with women-led farming cooperatives. The mission is to support sustainable agriculture development and empower women worldwide.
Another company that supports conscious capitalism is Greyston Bakery. They have a policy of radical inclusion, with an employment policy that allows people who are historically marginalized in society to thrive in the company.