Aubrey Plaza Talks About Replacing Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

Aubrey Plaza Talks About Replacing Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

Following considerable rumors regarding the franchise’s future, the Alicia Vikander-starring Tomb Raider sequel was recently reported to have been canceled. The future is still uncertain because another studio is vying for the rights. Aubrey Plaza has however emerged as a contender, and some fans have even begun to fantasize about alternative actresses for the starring part. No one can think of a greater Lara Croft than her, and Edgar Wright is no exception. Plaza then discussed his ideas about maybe succeeding in the legendary role.

Edgar Wright Couldn’t Get Over the Similarities

The actress recalled how renowned filmmaker Edgar Wright was startled by the aesthetic resemblance between Emily the Criminal and Lara Croft. She disclosed: “It was so funny when Edgar texted me that because I didn’t realize how strikingly similar those photos are. Emily is carrying a purse strap and Lara Croft has a gun holster; those are very different. It’s very weird and accidental, but I’ll take it.”

Despite the aesthetic similarities, Aubrey Plaza has already established herself as a capable performer who can fit into a variety of genres. To be perfectly honest, it would be fantastic to see her in more action-oriented parts. (Many people even think Plaza would be ideal for certain Marvel heroes). She would also like to host the Oscars and become the Billy Crystal of this age on top of all that. She is a woman of many talents.

Let’s Hope Aubrey Plaza Could Make It!

If the celebrity does truly earn the title role in another Tomb Raider remake, people will just have to wait and see. Although it will be very difficult to imagine anyone else in the part other than the Happiest Season alum after Edgar Wright’s remark. At the very least, let’s hope she gets a chance to audition at some time in the future. The next Lara Croft movie may take some time to come out, but in the meanwhile, you can watch Aubrey Plaza in Emily the Criminal, which is currently showing in theaters.