One of the Big Twists in ‘Black Adam’ Was Spoiled in the Trailer

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Trailer editing is both a beautiful art and a science. Just enough footage should be shown to encourage viewers to see the film in question without giving away any major plot points. It’s a terrible pity that Black Adam, the latest film starring Dwayne Johnson, ended up falling into the latter group because the first trailer revealed one of the film’s major plot twists.

Saving the World or Destroying It?

Back in June, the first Black Adam trailer debuted, teasing the origin of the main character, his confrontation with the Justice Society of America, and how he faced the dilemma of either saving the world or destroying it.

Black Adam or Teth-Adam?

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was originally Teth-Adam, an oppressed person who lived in Kahndaq thousands of years ago, just like his comic book equivalent. According to Teth-Adam in the first Black Adam trailer, he died but was reincarnated with incredible powers as a result of the sacrifice of his son, and now he bows before no one. Although it makes for a heartbreaking beginning, the story must go deeper than what was revealed in the trailer, right? Well, absolutely, but it all comes back to this already-revealed twist at the end.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Black Adam opens with a young child in 2600 BC defying King Ahk-oppressive Ton’s authority, who has been compelling the citizens of Kahndaq to dig for Eternium so that he can create the Crown of Sabacc. The Council of Wizards intervenes at the last minute to save the youngster from execution after he attempts to spark a revolt, fails, and bestows on him the Shazam powers. With his increased strength, this young man grows into a powerful champion who is known for murdering Akh-Ton and setting his people free thousands of years later.

Black Adam got off to a fantastic start on its opening and shot to number one at the box office this past weekend, despite receiving more unfavorable than positive reviews.