Cast and Crew Caught Filming the New Batman Movie In Liverpool

The Batman crew was shooting some spectacular scenes in Liverpool, drawing Hollywood A-listers to the city. The shooting was done quickly, and now the Batman circus will be moving on to a new filming location. Even so, onlookers were treated to amazing sights when Liverpool was transformed to become Gotham City.

A Man In a Full Batman Suit Was Spotted On the Roofs of the Liver Building

Batman on the roofs of the Liver BuildingMany took pictures and shared them on sites such as Instagram, showing either actor Robert Pattinson or his stunt double donning the full Batman costume while standing at the rooftops of the Liver Building. The Caped Crusader was captured in pictures that show him brooding over the city.

The very next day, a black helicopter was seen ‘circling’ the building and focusing on the balconies above the clock, where once again, a man in full Batman suit was looking out over the city while secured by a safety harness.

Robert Pattinson Is Portraying the Batman for Its Next InstallmentActor Robert Pattinson during filming of The Batman outside St George's Hall in Liverpool

People also spotted star Robert Pattinson in the city, filming scenes of the blockbuster on the steps of St George’s Hall. Production on the latest Batman flick resumed recently, and things are looking great so far. The set up for the filming at St. George’s Hall was created around the passageway that leads down into the underground cells. Now fans can start speculating about the details around the scenes that were shot in Liverpool.

The new film will be titled “The Batman” and will star Pattinson in the role of the legendary DC hero. It is being produced by DC Films and distributed by Warner Bros, and is expected to be released in June 2021. The movie will be a reboot of the franchise, and Pattinson will take over the role from Ben Affleck, who played it for the films Batman vs Superman and The Justice League. Pattinson said he decided to take on the role because that would be more fun now that several major actors have already created their versions of the character.