Emma Thompson Blasts Hollywood for Casting Young Women with Older Men

On a CultureBlast podcast, Emma Thompson claims that it’s considered completely acceptable for George Clooney, who is delightful, to have someone who is 40 or 30 years younger than him. She also says that if she has someone playing opposite her in a romantic way, they’d have to exhume someone because she is currently 61 years old. Emma thinks that this is utterly and completely unbalanced. Thompson turns this notion on its head in her upcoming film “Good Luck To You, Leo Grande.” Her character in the movie is a 55-year-old widow who hires a sex worker in his early 20s.

Emma ThompsonIn the podcast, she also claimed that her role in this movie was quite interesting. When Leo Grande asks her character in the film why she has to pay for sex, she says that it’s because the only people willing to sleep with her are people her age, and she wants to sleep with someone younger than her.

Emma Thompson Plays a 55-Year-Old Widow

Directed by Sophie Hyde, who also was the director for the movie “Animals,” the film follows Nancy Stokes, played by Emma Thompson, a 55-year-old widow, who is yearning for human connection, adventure, and some sex, for the first time in her life. While her husband Robert provided a family, a home, and something resembling a life, good sex was never on offer. However, now that he is gone, Nancy has a plan. She says that there are nuns that have had more sexual experience than her.

A Night of Bliss For Nancy Stokes

Emma ThompsonSo, being the practical and reasonable woman she is, and as an ex-teacher, she likes things perfectly organized. That said, she does some thorough research and uses the services of Leo Grande, who is a sex worker, or a therapist, as he prefers it. The young man is in his early twenties, and Emma’s character hires him for a night of bliss.

Emma Thompson shares that if people are against seeing Leo Grande, who is a young attractive man, with a 61-year-old, it’s going to be very interesting.