James Gunn Answers If Fans Will See the Green Arrow in the Peacemaker

The new Peacemaker series was announced just two months ago, and fans are already starting rumors regarding who else might appear alongside the character of John Cena. One of the more popular rumors was implying that the Green Arrow would feature in the new HBO Max spin-off show. That rumor was quickly denounced by director James Gunn when he dismissed a report, which stated that Green Arrow would be joining forces with Peacemaker.

James Gunn Dismisses Speculations That Green Arrow Will Appear on the Peacemaker Show

James Gunn
The Suicide Squad director made sure to point out on Twitter that Green Arrow would not feature in the spin-off. He called the speculations “nonsense” as he was answering a question from a fan. Gunn was also asked who his source was, to which he replied that it was the guy who was deciding on all the characters and writing all the episodes – himself.

Hearing it from the director and writer himself is quite unequivocal, so it is safe to say fans won’t be seeing the Green Arrow anywhere else, but in the Arrowverse re-runs, at least for the time being.

Casting for the Peacemaker Is Very Much Moving Forward

John Cena as Peacemaker
Even though Green Arrow may not be in the show, there are plenty of other characters that will be involved. With the casting for Peacemaker moving forward, four new stars were added to the line-up. These include Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, and Chris Conrad from Orange Is the New Black. Jennifer Holland will also be reprising her role from The Suicide Squad movie as Emilia Harcourt.

Another one of the cast is Steve Agee, who will once again get in the role of John Economos, the warden of Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary. The main character in the spin-off show will be that of John Cena’s Peacemaker, after whom the show is named. James Gunn will write all eight episodes and direct several installments of the series, including the premiere.