Should Jaws 3D Be Considered Canon and Why Its Sequel Ignored It

Jaws 3D might have shared characters with the rest of the series but whether or not the movie is considered canon with the other entries seems to be under question. This is probably because Jaws: The Revenge ignored the events of 3D, which is widely considered the odd one out of the saga. So, is it canon with the other movies is a question that remains to be answered.

The Jaws Movies Ended After Four Productions That Ranged in Quality

A still from the original Jaws

The original Jaws is iconic for being the first summer blockbuster in 1975. It also kick-started Hollywood’s apparent addiction to sequels because, after the incredible success of Jaws, a follow-up was guaranteed to turn a profit, and Jaws 2 proved to be another great success. The next sequel went through a messy production, and the producers came up with a parody title that was not what Universal was looking for, so the idea was scrapped. Shortly after that, work began on the next Jaws, and the studio opted for a script where a great white and its baby get trapped in SeaWorld and start attacking the guests. The movie made use of a revival in 3D and was met with horrid reviews for its terrible pacing and poor visual effects.

Jaws 3D Was a Hit Despite Its Messy Production and Terrible Reviews

A still from the Jaws 3D, highlighting the bad special effects

The fact that Jaws 3D was a hit despite all its problems really speaks to the popularity of the series. When Universal failed with Howard The Duck, they were in need of a success, so Jaws 4 was quickly put into production. Not too long after that, Jaws: The Revenge was a fact, and it really did mark the end of the franchise. Its critical reception was even worse than Jaws 3D, and the sequel didn’t acknowledge the events of the previous movie — going so far as to even contradict it.

Questions Arouse When Jaws: The Revenge Ignored the Events of Jaws 3D

After Jaws: The Revenge got released, Universal claimed that it was the third entry of the franchise, with studio head Sid Sheinberg labeling Jaws 3D as a pretty bad movie. Both movies featured Michael and Sean Brody. In Jaws 3D, Mike was an underwater engineer committed to a relationship with marine biologist Kathryn, and his brother Sean had a girlfriend named Kelly, who got injured in a shark attack.

A still from Jaws: The Revenge

In Jaws: The Revenge, where Spielberg left a few notes to the director, Mike was a marine biologist married to Carla – a sculptor, and the two had a five-year-old daughter Thea. Sean was now a police deputy in Amity. So, while Jaws: The Revenge didn’t disavow the events of Jaws 3D clearly, it definitely made no attempt to link with its predecessor. Now, Jaws 3D is considered an alternate, non-canon sequel, but fans often make attempts to slot it into the timeline.