Rewatch the Disney Movie “Tangled” On Its 10th Anniversary

The Disney movie “Tangled” hit the big screen on November 24th, 2010. The animated film is about a golden-haired princess that finally escapes her isolation. It’s now available to be streamed on iTunes, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more. While the movie has always been worth watching, there just doesn’t seem to be a more perfect time, even if it is 10 years later. Here’s why:

The Queen of Quarantine: Rapunzel

Rapunzel on her balcony

Rapunzel is literally the queen of quarantine, even though she’s actually a princess. She spends 18 years locked in a tower where she picks up the hobby of growing her hair. She draws, cleans, reads, bakes, climbs, paints, and sews dresses, throws darts, plays chess, makes candles, and more. The movie even features a song that is dedicated to all of the ways that she stays occupied while she’s inside – “When Will My Life Begin?” This is incredibly relatable, especially now with so many people stuck in quarantine.

Rapunzel is an Emotional Mess Once She Leaves the Tower

After Rapunzel finally decides to escape from the tower, where she’s been her entire life, she’s an emotional wreck. She goes from claiming it’s the best day ever to being depressed as she debates whether it’s a good idea to go back inside after defying orders from Mother Gothel to stay indoors.

These mood swings can come about once you emerge from a house after a long lockdown. This is something many of us are experiencing now.

‘Tangled’ Is All About Reuniting With Family

A scene of Rapunzel where the characters reunite
After spending her entire childhood not knowing who her parents were, she finally reunites with them, the King and Queen. It’s an emotional gathering and one that had been anticipated. It’s also extremely relatable given that families around the world are restricted from seeing their loved ones during the pandemic.