Did The Most Shocking Moments In Borat 2 Actually Happen?

Borat 2 – also known as Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – has recently hit Amazon Prime, and it seems as though everybody is talking about it. However, did some of those shocking moments in the Sacha Baron Cohen movie really happen? We take a look.

The Hotel Room

One of the most talked-about moments in the movie is when former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani is being interviewed by Borat’s daughter, Tutar. They end up in a hotel room together and it’s very unclear what is going to happen before Borat comes barging in to rescue her. Rudy himself has said that the scenes were a complete ‘fabrication’ and he was simply adjusting his microphone pack. Baron Cohen has asked viewers to “come to their own conclusions.”

Living With Strangers

Yep, it’s true. Sacha Baron Cohen did actually move in with two strangers during a pandemic! He admits that this was the hardest bit to film, as he had to stay in character for the whole time he was there (around four days). That meant waking up, eating breakfast, and spending the whole day as Borat. How he didn’t let the mask slip is beyond us!

Judith Dim Evans

There is one moment that Baron Cohen admits he had to break character for, and that’s when he met the adorable Judith Dim Evans at Temple Kol Emeth. He apparently told the lady that he was filming a parody and that he was deliberating “playing an ignorant character.” Unfortunately, Judith passed away before the film was released, but wait until the end of the credits to see a lovely tribute to her.

There are a lot of people talking about the Borat 2 movie and not always for good reasons, but that’s what Sacha Baron Cohen does best. We’re just surprised he came out of it all in one piece!