Aly & AJ Teased an Explicit Revisit of Their ‘Potential Breakup Song’

It may seem that it took too long for Aly & AJ fans to get an explicit version of the ‘Potential Breakup Song,’ it looks like the iconic track will be revisited by the sisters this winter. The artists recently revealed that they are gearing up to revisit the song and do a grown-up remake. They posted a 21-second snippet featuring a mature remake of their 2007 song.

Aly & AJ Used a Guitar-Heavy Intro for the Remake of Their Hit Song

Aly & AJ in a Recent Photo
Aly & AJ Teased an Explicit Revisit of Their ‘Potential Breakup Song’

In the snippet of the new version of the ‘Potential Breakup Song,’ the sisters used a guitar-heavy and changed some of the text with more explicit lyrics. The duo posted the snippet with a cover art reminiscent of the one their Insomniatic album had, causing a huge reaction from the nostalgic fans.

One fan commented that Aly & AJ have saved 2020 at the last moment, while another was not very happy about the mature language the sisters use in the new version. The remake of their hit song comes after back in August, the sisters said in front of the media that the ‘Potential Breakup Song’ was deserving of a “facelift.” Aly said that while they were proud of the song, she would produce it differently if she had another go at it. AJ added that she would love to give the song a “facelift” and agreed with her sister about producing it differently.

Aly & AJ Plan to Release a New Album in 2021

Aly & AJ on the Cover of Their 2007 Insomniatic Album
Aly & AJ Teased an Explicit Revisit of Their ‘Potential Breakup Song’

Aly & AJ rose to fame after the Disney Channel and its Hannah Montana era catapulted their image. The duo often performs songs from their early years when on tour, including classics such as “Chemicals React,” “Like Whoa,” and “Bullseye.” In 2009, the sisters changed the artistic name of their duo to 78violet, but they have since returned to their original moniker in 2015. Since then, they have released the EPs “Sanctuary” and “Ten Years,” and have also announced that they would release a new album in 2021.