Billie Eilish Shared a Photo of Her and Her Brother Back In the Studio

Grammy winner Billie Eilish is now back in the US after completing the European leg of her Happier Than Ever World Tour. She has also shared a studio snap on Instagram with her sibling, who is a producer and co-writer of his sister’s hits. The pop megastar who is just 20 and dropped her second LP, Happier Than Ever, in July 2021, has recently admitted that she would love to do a new album next year.

Billie Eilish Really Wants to Put Out a New Album Next Year

Billie Eilish Shared a Photo of Her and Her Brother Back In the Studio

Billie Eilish stated that she just wanted to keep enjoying the music that she and her brother make. She further explained that she thought she was a little bit of a procrastinator in terms of doing work, especially when she was busy. So, she wanted to make a song and put out a brand new album next year. Apparently, Billie finds it really hard to make music. She clarified that to her, that meant that she and her brother had to make it, and she didn’t want to make something she didn’t like, so she would freak out. Despite that, she never wanted to stop creating music that touches people.

Billie Eilish Used a Body Double to Explore Coachella Undetected

The singer behind “Bad Guy” recently made history being the youngest headliner of the Glastonbury festival in the UK ever. She is apparently working on a new documentary about her Glastonbury performance and her headlining set at Coachella in the US.

Billie Eilish at the Coachella music extravaganza

The singer also shared how she actually used a body double so she could explore Coachella undetected. She headlined the music extravaganza in California in April, and to explore the rest of what the festival had to offer, she asked one of her backing dancers to switch places. So, her dancer dressed up as her and she got into a low-key black outfit. That allowed her to successfully mingle with the crowd.