‘I Been Born Again’: Why BROCKHAMPTON’s New Single Deserves a Second Look

BROCKHAMPTON is one of the most refreshing hip-hop acts today. You could even say they’re one of the finest acts of the new generation.

They got a bit of attention with the release of All-American Trash in 2016. But nobody expected how their popularity would skyrocket once their debut album came out.

Saturation changed everything for the so-called Southside One Direction in 2017. Critics and hip-hop fans alike weren’t prepared for the type of sound these guys could deliver.

BROCKHAMPTON currently has four albums out: Saturation, Saturation II, Saturation III, and Iridescence. Three came out in 2017 while the last entry was released just last year.

And now, they’ve put out the first single for their new album Ginger. Not every BROCKHAMPTON fan was impressed, but we argue its worth more than one listen.

Establishing the Dynamics in BROCKHAMPTON

Establishing the Dynamics in BROCKHAMPTON

It’s essential that we first understand what the group is now — what their identity is to most fans. Kevin Abstract is considered the leader, especially since he has more experience in the music industry.

Then we have Joba, whose verses and deliveries have always been the subject of debate. Some like him while others think he’s acting too much like Eminem. 

Elsewhere, we find Matt Champion and Merlyn Wood, with the latter being remembered for his very distinct way of rapping. 

Bearface helps give BROCKHAMPTON its moments of balladry and low-key boyband appeal. As for Dom McLennon, he can spit out bar after bar with how clean and stylish he is.

We also have other members of the group such as Jabari Manwa and Romil Hemnani, both of whom have garnered some well-deserved attention for their production skills.

Simply put, BROCKHAMPTON isn’t just one thing: It’s the result of people working together to achieve something that’s not only great to hear but also fantastic to watch.

Establishing the Dynamics in BROCKHAMPTON

‘I Been Born Again’ as A New Group Identity

BROCKHAMPTON music videos are always fun to watch. They are creative and made in a way that would make you realize they’re from the group even before you see the credits.

The usual video would include a good-looking filter and either a vertical style or a filmic landscape orientation. Plus, they were colorful and bright.

But then we get “I Been Born Again”. Here’s a video that’s in black and white and features the camera turning upside down — it’s the complete opposite of their previous videos.

And BROCKHAMPTON indicates a reversal of expectations with the content as well. Bearface often appears at the end of a song, but he’s doing the intro here.

Similarly, Kevin Abstract doesn’t deliver the hooks this time. He drops his bars and that’s it. Even Dom McLennon doesn’t have his typical lengthy rap period.

Merlyn doesn’t sound as silly and crazy in “I Been Born Again”. Also, Joba doesn’t deliver his lines in a fast manner, and his voice is even adjusted to a low pitch.

Welcoming A New Chapter of BROCKHAMPTON

Welcoming A New Chapter of BROCKHAMPTON

“I Been Born Again” isn’t a complete contrast to the BROCKHAMPTON we know. It still sounds fantastic and the instrumentations are playful like in the Saturation era.

However, it’s a good way of acknowledging that they are no longer the same old group. Ameer is out of the group, and they have to keep moving forward no matter what the fans and critics think of the music.