Marcus Mumford Will Be Dropping a Music Video Directed by Spielberg

Anyone who’s a fan of Marcus Mumford and his music, and also enjoys the exceptional directing of Steven Spielberg, is about to be in for a treat. The Oscar-winning filmmaker took on the project of directing the music video for Mumford’s upcoming single. Mumford took to Instagram to share this news with the world.

Marcus Mumford
Spielberg’s First Music Video

Steven Spielberg is a world-renowned producer, filmmaker, and screenwriter, and among the most commercially successful directors of all time. This collaboration with Marcus Mumford is the very first time Spielberg produces a music video. Apparently, Spielberg used his phone to record the footage.

Steven Spielberg
Kate Capshaw, Spielberg’s wife, joined him on the set in the role of art director, producer, and dolly grip. Kristie Macosko Krieger, an American film producer who has had a great working relationship with Spielberg for decades, also worked on this music video as a producer and videographer.

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw
Marcus Mumford Shares His Gratitude

There’s no doubt that an immense amount of talent worked on the new music video for Mumford’s new single, “Cannibal.” Mumford shared three black and white photos from the shoot online along with a post explaining how Spielberg directed his new video in one shot on his phone, in a high school gym in New York.

The musician goes on to express his immense gratitude for the amazing support he received from everyone around him in his efforts to bring new music to his fans. He extended his thanks to Steven and Kate.

Mumford & Sons

When Will the Public See the Video?

Among all the amazingly talented people involved in making the music video for the single “Cannibal,” was Marcus Mumford’s wife, actress Carey Mulligan, who was there managing costumes and sound. All those interested in hearing Mumford’s new music and seeing the new video can do so on the musician’s upcoming solo album called Self-Titled. The record is set to be released on September 16th and will feature guest appearances by Brandi Carlile and Phoebe Bridgers.