Musicians Tell About 3 of the World’s Most Haunted Recording Studios

Ghosts typically like to make themselves known, and depending on the location that they’re haunting, they’ll start to mess with certain things. For the world’s most haunted recording studios, that means that they like messing with dials and fiddling with the amps.

A recording studio

Haunted Recording Studios

For as long as recording studios have been a thing, some of them have been haunted by different spirits. Many of the spirits choose to show people that they’re really present by messing with certain things including the dials on the soundboards and more. Not all recording studios are haunted, but here are some of the most haunted ones in the world, according to the musicians who’ve used them.

1. Alley Studios, Los Angeles, California

Zak Bagan, a paranormal researcher, was called to investigate Los Angeles’ Alley Studios which has been the place where many pop alumni have recorded music. These pop alumni include Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, and John Lennon. During the investigation, they found a ghost of someone who is believed to have murdered the Head of Operations at the facility. The chances of seeing a ghost here are high, and it’s rumored that the studio is not only haunted by spirits but also many cats.

2. Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Wales

Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Wales
Bands like Sepultura have chosen to record songs and albums at this post-Roman stone castle. The band recorded the instrumental of their song ‘Kalowas’ in 1993, and while they didn’t report anything strange, there are reports from others that say it’s haunted by the ghost of Henry Martin. He was an English lawyer and anti-monarchist that died on the property after he choked on his chicken dinner back in 1680.

3. St. Catherine’s Court, Bath, Somerset

Bond actress Jane Seymour owned this 16th Century monastery and had artists use it as a recording studio. However, once complaints started coming in about strange noise, the property was forced to close. Thom Yorke claimed that ghosts would talk to him while he would sleep; one morning he woke up after hearing voices, and he decided to cut his hair with a penknife.