Taylor Swift Fans Say “Tolerate It” Was Inspired by “The Crown”

Taylor Swift The American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, came out with her ninth album, “Evermore”, in December 2020. Since hearing her song titled “Tolerate It”, many of her fans began Tweeting about how much the song reminds them of the story arc of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on the Netflix series “The Crown”. Although the artist has yet to confirm or deny this, her fans are drawing conclusions of their own.

Why Did Fans Come to This Conclusion

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After listening to the fifth track on Swift’s “Evermore” album, those who have followed the fourth season of “The Crown” started drawing parallels. The song is written from the perspective of someone who seeks the attention and validation of a partner who’s disinterested and shows no affection. The fictionalized version of the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the show matches those notions.

Detailed Text Analyzing

@onesomenewshit13's tweetTaylor Swift fans have delved into a deeper analysis of her lyrics in an attempt to further validate their opinions. For example, the fans believe that the 12-year age gap between the Prince and Princess, the love triangle between Charles, Diana, and Camilla were hinted at in the lyrics of “Tolerate It”.

Taylor Swift Was Inspired by Netflix Before

The movie "Someone Great"Her loyal fans know that Swift has been inspired by Netflix before. Namely, the movie “Someone Great” inspired her song “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. Swift also stated that her album “Evermore” was inspired by imaginary yet not imaginary tales.

The Time Was Right

@swiftsdriver's tweetAnother piece of the puzzle that Swift’s fans believe fits very well is that the artist’s latest album was still in the making at the time when the fourth season of “The Crown” was aired. Although the singer hasn’t confirmed that she watched the show, the timing was right.

Compatible Themes

@folkevermore89's tweetAmong the many reasons why her fans came up with this comparison is because many of the motives and themes focused on in the fourth season of the show are also present in the song. This includes infidelity, mental health, and the difficulties of an unsuccessful relationship.