Taylor Swift Is up to Something: Fans Think It Involves Her Old Music

Taylor Swift at the 47th Annual American Music Awards, Show, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Nov 2019

If there’s one artist who loves Easter eggs, it’s Taylor Swift. One of her recent Instagram posts with a seemingly ordinary caption had Swifties talking. How can a “not a lot going on at the moment” message raise everyone’s hopes that there is actually a lot going on? Fair question. Lucky for you, we have the answer!

Taylor Swift and Her “22” T-Shirt

Taylor Swift's t-shirt from the '22' song
The number 22 has great significance for Taylor, which makes fans extra curious to dig deeper into her Instagram post from November 22. In it, she’s chilling on the couch in cozy, homey clothes, looking bored into the camera. If her caption sounds a little familiar to you, it’s because it isn’t the first time she’s used it. Back in April, she shared a selfie with the exact same words – not a lot going on at the moment. Funny enough, that’s when Taylor was working on her latest album, folklore.

To make things extra interesting, those words first appeared on the t-shirt she wore for “22” – the hit song from her 2012 album Red. That’s what led fans to believe Swift may be working on re-recording her old music like she said she would. Her recent haircut change further fueled those rumors. She appeared in a virtual interview donning long, straight hair with whimsical bangs, which felt awfully reminiscent of her 2012 Red era look.

Taylor's Instagram post from November 22 with the caption "not a lot going on at the moment"

Speculations Are Yet to Be Confirmed

Even though many place their bets on Taylor working on her old music following Scooter Braun’s deal to sell her early work’s master recordings, others vote for a different answer. According to them, Taylor Swift is actually working on an “Exile” music video (a song from her folklore album) alongside Bon Iver, who allegedly has “a thing” for the number 22. Well, that would make two of them!