The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

The world took a massive leap forward in the last decade. We didn’t notice as everything changed at an insane rate. We have witnessed so many tech innovations the last decade that it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to “top 5.”
However, one thing is for sure – the decade was about AI and machine learning. The world of AI and machine learning is growing at a staggering speed, and things will change ever faster than you can imagine.

Virtual Assistants

The most impactful tech invention of the last decade was the virtual assistants. Nowadays, we all have a smart assistant in our pockets. And they are here to make our lives easier and smoother. Among these virtual assistants, Google Assistant claims the crown of being the most advanced one.

The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

Almost all the tech giants have their own virtual assistants. Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Samsung has Bixby, and so on. Then, came the devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Echo.

Ride-Sharing Services

The cabs have evolved in the past decade. Rather than waiting for a cab in the cold winter, you can call someone who has spare space in his vehicle. We need to thank Uber for its mind-blowing concept.

The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

Soon, the likes of Lyft, Grab, Ola, Easy Taxi, Gett, and so one. Almost every country in the world now has its local ride-sharing services like Uber.


Consumers are not that much aware of the massive change of the networking infrastructure, but the upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6 in 2012 has a deep impact.

The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

With the rise of the number of smart devices, assigning a different IP address to each of these devices became a huge problem. The older network, IPv4, could only create a network of 4.3 billion devices. Certainly, the number will increase with time. Going for a new infrastructure wasn’t just an option but a necessity. Now, the IPv6 can have 340 undecillion devices in one network.


One of the most promising introductions in the tech world is the blockchain. Bitcoin introduced us the blockchain technology. But it is Ethereum that took the game in a whole new level.

The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

Ethereum created a platform for other developers to help them create new and innovative decentralized applications.
Some tech experts assess that the blockchain technology will change the currency system, governance system, supply chain management, and can even dissolve the need for any third party. It’s Ethereum that paved the way for all these possibilities.

Smartphones Plus More

The world saw its first smartphone in 2009. But the technology took a massive leap throughout the decade. Now, we can see 108-megapixel cameras on a smartphone having 12 to 16 GB of RAM, and many more.

The 5 Most Impactful Tech Inventions of the 2010s

The flagship phones now have more computing power than the mediocre PCs in 2010. With the advancement of the smartphone and massive market, we saw new, innovative devices emerging. For example, smartwatches came to the scene to improve the experience of the users.