New Image From Perseverance Has People Speculating About Mars


Do Martians love spaghetti? That’s the question of the hour. NASA’s infamous Mars rovers are always finding new interesting features of the red planet, but every now and then, they stumble upon things that, to the untrained eye, look like something that belongs on Earth. That’s what happened recently when Sol 495 (the Perseverance Rover) snapped an image of what resembled a pasta-like plant.

Spaghetti on Mars?

It’s been a wild ride for rovers on Mars! First, it was the gigantic “mice,” then it was the mysterious “doorway,” and now spaghetti is joining in the fun. In a photo made by the Perseverance Rover that has since become NASA’s Image of the Week, you can spot a curious object that bears a striking resemblance to the beloved Italian pasta. If you want to believe in aliens, you can recognize a strange plant in the photo, but if you’re a fan of refined pasta, you’re likely to spot the main ingredient in Spaghetti Bolognese.

A piece of debris on Mars which looks suspiciously like spaghetti.

Unfortunately for both parties, the image captured on the 495th Martian day of the rover’s mission isn’t an alien plant or a cluster of spaghetti. According to scientists, it’s most likely something much more mundane — debris, either from a rover or trash generated by NASA.

Debris on the Red Planet

While there were plenty of Twitter users who got excited about the possibility of having Italians on Mars, their joy was short-lived upon realizing the image most likely showed debris that came from Earth. Proof of that are images that the Perseverance Rover captured weeks earlier that showed a piece of debris that came from its own sky crane. Shortly before that, the rover came across other pieces of trash, courtesy of NASA.

The Perseverance Rover

So, for now, the concept of Martians being fans of Italian cuisine will have to be put to rest… at least until there’s concrete evidence!