Boy Meets World Actors Share Openly About Working with William Daniels

Many actors would find it intimidating to work with a true thespian, especially if they are 18 or younger. The Boy Meets World cast encountered this difficulty when Mr. Feeny actor William Daniels was involved. However, during the course of their collaboration, Daniels evolved into a mentor to his young co-stars, both explicitly and inadvertently. Years after the series finale, his younger co-stars have now spoken candidly about what they discovered while working with him.

William Daniels Had a Great Impact

Boy Meets World actors Share Openly About Working with William Daniels

It makes sense that William Daniels would have an impact on his co-stars given that he was a seasoned performer by the time Boy Meets World aired. After chatting with Daniels on their podcast, Pod Meets World, Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel talked about how crucial Daniels was to their growth as actors in an interview with EW. Strong observed that the on-screen instructor had a regal demeanor both on and off camera and found this to be admirable.

For a group of performers who were just starting their careers, the St. Elsewhere actor was reportedly the best example of how to conduct oneself as a professional actor. Being on time and knowing your lines are crucial, especially when working on a weekly show.

A more seasoned performer may find it challenging to collaborate with younger performers since they may be tempted to treat them like children rather than as coworkers. On Boy Meets World, it doesn’t seem to have been the case.

Whether he was aware of it or not, the actor, who was one of the Girl Meets World Season 2 returning cast members, was teaching his young co-stars that actors, regardless of their age, should always treat others with respect. It appears that the actor contributed to the development of a secure creative environment for his colleagues. And Danielle Fishel and the rest of the actors appear to have valued that.

A True Gentleman!

William Daniels clearly comes out as a gentleman, which may be a big factor in why he’s maintained such a successful career. Of course, he won over the hearts of his coworkers and domestic viewers alike through the 1990s sitcom. Due to his outstanding portrayal, the Emmy winner became young America’s favorite fictitious teacher, which resulted in amusing fan meetings with his wife. Even Taylor Swift freaked out when Daniels supported the reissue of her 2012 album Red. Overall, his influence extends much beyond his BMW co-stars, who unquestionably became more talented actors as a result of him.

By listening to the aforementioned revisit podcast Pod Meets World, fans of Boy Meets World can discover more about William Daniels and the impact other adult co-stars had on the young actors. Great behind-the-scenes information has already been revealed, such as why Morgan, Cory’s sister, changed actors halfway through the season. Additionally, you may access all seven seasons of Boy Meets World by joining Disney+ if you wish to watch along with the podcast.