Ms. Marvel Holds the Title of the MCU’s Highest-Rated Project

Ms. Marvel has officially dethroned Black Panther as Marvel’s highest-rated project. The six-episode series ran from June 8 to July 13, 2022, and was met with critical acclaim for its creative visuals and cast performance.

Ms. Marvel
It Has a Near-Perfect Score

The show is considered to be historic because it was the onscreen debut of the MCU’s first-ever Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, portrayed by Iman Vellani. The series currently holds a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an immense success as it’s 2% more than Black Panther’s score.

The Black Panther

Ms. Marvel tells the story of Kamala Khan, a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager who leads a normal life in Jersey City. Khan is admirative of the Avengers, particularly Captain Marvel, and feels like an outsider in school until she finally gains the cosmic superpowers she’s always wanted.

How Does Ms. Marvel Compare to Other MCU Series?

Despite its high rating, the show doesn’t seem to appeal to mainstream audiences. Recent studies have shown that approximately 770,000 people have watched the series premiere, which is bleak in comparison to Loki’s 2.5 million viewers.

Similarly, WandaVision attracted 1.6 million sets of eyes for the first episode, Hawkeye managed to amass 1.5 million viewers, while The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Moon Knight had 1.8 million each.

On the other hand, Ms. Marvel has the highest viewership out of any Marvel TV series for people aged between 20 to 24. A big portion of the audience is made up of Hispanic, Asian, and Black households, proving the show is appealing to a more diverse viewership.

Iman Vellani

Many experts, including Iman Vellani, believe this is because the series shows a group of people who have rarely seen themselves represented in a positive light on both the silver screen and TV.

Obtaining a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes is a huge achievement for any production and the people behind Ms. Marvel should be extremely proud of their work.