The Office LEGO Set Has a Few Amazing and Unbelievable Details

There are several humorous Easter eggs and callbacks in the new The Office LEGO set, but one tiny joke stands out above the rest. The newest official tie-in from the toy giant, the LEGO set honors the USA version of Ricky Gervais’ ground-breaking workplace comedy and is a welcome treat for viewers. If you look hard enough, you can find amusing tiny gifts everywhere.

‘The Office’ LEGO Set Has a Few Amazing and Unbelievable DetailsMeticulous Attention to Detail

Even having 1164 pieces, building the LEGO The Office set isn’t very difficult, but the attention to detail and the way the characters from The Office have been captured are the kit’s main selling points. There are adorable nuances that allude to Jim Halpert’s and Dwight Schrute’s protracted feud, and Steve Carell’s Michael Scott even has his own World’s Best Boss mug. Michael’s desk even has a Dundie trophy on it. But Pam Beesly, played by Jenna Fischer, is responsible for the set’s best Easter egg in The Office.

Each of the tiny LEGO versions of the characters from The Office has its own set of accouterments, like Michael’s mug, Jim’s cellphone, Stanley’s pretzel, and Phyllis’ knitting. Buddy the Hotdog is depicted on a post-it note with the words Hiya Buddy written next to it as Pam’s small Easter gift. It’s a humorous reference from season four of The Office, in which Pam confesses to interrupting Michael’s business meetings with phony calls so he would appear busy. It’s a sweet moment that shows Pam and Michael are truly friends, despite how it sometimes seems otherwise, and it’s the ideal one to include in LEGO’s The Office set.

Easter Eggs in The Office LEGO Set

Here are the funniest Easter eggs and secret elements from The Office LEGO set:

  • A jelly with Dwight’s stapler set in it.
  • Kevin’s Famous (Dropped) Chilli.
  • A note from Future Dwight.
  • The Dundie award on Michael Scott’s desk.
  • Stanley’s mini figure comes with a crossword in honor of his meeting room habit.
  • The trash can Dwight set on fire.

Sigourney Weaver Shared Details About the Sequel of ‘Avatar’

James Cameron certainly took his time to make the long-promised Avatar sequels, but the director finally did it, and The Way of Water is about to open in cinemas. Recently, Sigourney Weaver gave an interview and gave a hint as to what was the reason Cameron had trouble writing the films.

Sigourney Weaver Shared Details About the Sequel of ‘Avatar’

There Will Be Five Avatar Movies

James Cameron planned Avatar to be a trilogy but eventually expanded it into a total of five movies. In a recent interview, Sigourney Weaver had given a hint as to why this became the case. Apparently, the stories were really personal for Cameron. In the upcoming second movie, the main protagonists, Jake and Neytiri, have built a family, and apparently, this family will be at the core of the forthcoming sequels. So, Sigourney said that this was what made the films so personal for James Cameron because he drew inspiration for this family from his own.

Avatar 2 Will Release In December

According to Weaver, the story of Avatar: The Way of Water was about families trying to stay together and the lengths people go to protect each other and the place they live. She also pointed out that the movie would show how vulnerable people are when they have children. The first trailer for the second Avatar movie mostly shows beautiful imagery, but it does include a line of dialogue where Jake says that their family is their fortress. That certainly backs up Sigourney Weaver’s comment about family being at the core of the movie.

People who have seen the first Avatar know that Sigourney’s character died, but she would still be returning for the sequels. Why and how would that be possible has been a difficult question for many fans, but it’s now known that she will be playing Kiri, who is a teenage Na’vi and a member of Jake and Neytiri’s family. Those who look forward to her performance and the new Cameron movie will have to wait until December when Avatar: The Way of Water will launch.