Father’s $30 Million Lottery Win Was Kept Secret From His Family

A man from southern China who identifies as Mr. Li decided to keep his $30 million lottery win a secret from his family. He also wanted to keep his, and his family’s, identity a secret by dressing up as a cartoon character when he went to pick up the check. It might have been a bizarre choice of attire, but he wanted to ensure his safety.

Father’s $30 Million Lottery Win Was Kept Secret From the Family His Big Win

Mr. Li, the freshly-minted millionaire, explains he placed bets for over a decade, but none of his wins was anything to speak of. His big win began with him buying 40 lottery tickets, each one containing the same seven numbers – 2, 15, 19, 26, 27, 29, and 2. When he realized he had won, he put himself in a hotel room the night before picking up the check. He didn’t want to risk going outside and losing the ticket.

His Lottery Win Was Kept Secret

His reason for keeping his win a secret from his wife and child worked in his favor. He explains that keeping the money a secret was a tool meant to keep his family working hard now and in the future. He didn’t want all that money to make them lazy and unappreciative.

His Plans for the Future

Such a huge lottery win – $30 million, can make a person’s mind go wild. Some people may waste it on vacations, restaurants, and expensive amenities. But Mr. Li has already donated $5 million to charity. He’s now deciding what to do with the rest.

People have a lot of decisions to make when they win a life-changing amount of money from the lottery. It’s up to the person. Some, like Mr. Li, may choose to keep it a secret for a while, while others may give it all away to charity or spend it on themselves. Mr. Li says buying tickets doesn’t interfere with his life as he doesn’t spend too much money, and it’s a hobby and a ray of hope.

Survivor’s Host Responds to Billie Eilish’s Song Referencing the Show

The 20-year-old singer Billie Eilish has seven Grammy awards and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for her hit “No Time To Die.” But, now the question is if she wants the title of Sole Survivor. We are talking about the CBS show where contestants are stranded on an island for a few weeks and they compete for a big monetary prize.

Survivor’s Host Responds to Billie Eilish’s Song Referencing the Show

Billie Eilish in Survivor?

Fans came to the conclusion that their favorite singer wants in on Survivor because of the lyrics of one of her latest songs. The song we are talking about is called “TV” and as per usual, she’s mostly singing about love, being alone, and being in denial. But, what made people think and Survivor’s executive producer and host, Jeff Probst, react to the track were the metaphors she used. She sings “I put on Survivor just to watch somebody suffer” and “Sinking in the sofa, while they all betray each other.” Jeff made an Instagram post about it and used his famous phrase from the show “nothing is easy on Survivor,” but he also added that it’s easy to love Billie Eilish’s new song.

Celebrities on the Show

There has not been any celebrity-centered season of Survivor, unlike the sister show Celebrity Big Brother. However, we’ve seen a few familiar faces on the show over the last 20+ years. There have been some prominent sports figures like the ex-NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, NBA’s Scot Pollard, and retired NFL player Brad Culpepper. For other celebs, Mike White of School of Rock played all 39 days of Survivor: David vs. Goliath and almost won. Sia is also regularly seen on the show but she’s an award giver instead of a contestant.

But, even if Billie Eilish wanted to play, she would not be able to do that soon because seasons 43 and 44 of the show were filmed back-to-back earlier in 2022. So, she will have to enjoy the show from the couch when it airs again in September.