A Male Finalist for an Award by Women in Technology Sparks Outrage

A man was announced as one of the four finals for an award given by an organization intending to motivate women in tech. This brought about the outrage of many. The finalist’s name is Simon Button, and he’s been nominated for the 2022 ‘Inspiring Diversity in STEM’ award by Women in Technology. The latter is an industry body for women in technology and life sciences in Queensland, Australia.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality

A Male Finalist for an Award by Women in Technology Sparks OutrageThis year, Women in Technology introduced a new award intended for the recognition of heroes championing diversity, inclusion, and equality within the community of STEM. Anybody can get nominated regardless of gender, age, or background.

The Other Finalists

Other than Simon, physically disabled research fellow in Indigenous health professor Kym Rae, pharmaceutical researcher Dr. Jyoti Sharma and psychologist working with marginalized communities Professor Amy Mullens, have been nominated.

The Reactions

Simon Button becoming a finalist surprised many, and some even expressed outrage. One reaction was: “NOPE!” Others commented that obviously, the organization hadn’t learned from the experience of Parks and Rec. Still, others wondered why a white man should be a finalist instead of a black woman, native woman, or another woman of color. People asked if there weren’t any other women that were qualified enough.

The Outrage Isn’t Justified

Currently, Simon is the chief technology officer at Qscan Group, an organization specializing in interventional radiology services. Women in Technology explained that Hummingbird House Foundation is a non-profit organization that has successfully delivered the only children’s hospice in Queensland to support kids with life-limiting illnesses.

May the Best Person Win!

Simon’s impressive resumé makes him a worthy nominee for the award, although not everyone seems to think so. Even though he is a white male, he’s done a lot of incredible things for women and the wider community, and little does he deserve the outrage his nomination received. Whether he’s the most suitable remains to be seen. May the most suitable nominee win!