The Paste in Kit Kat Bars Is Made Out of Crushed Kit Kat Bars

In a recent documentary series called Inside the Factory, it was mentioned that, in a way, Kit Kat bars were made out of other Kit Kat bars. While no one had raised that question, in particular, the company decided to talk about it and that got people online to react.

Kit Kat Bars Inside Kit Kat Bars

The Paste In the Kit Kat Bar Is Made Out of Crushed Kit Kat Bars
Most people assume the middle of a tasty Kit Kat bar is simply made up of wafers and chocolate, but they’re apparently wrong. While the packet says “crunchy wafer” and “smooth milk chocolate”, there’s one more detail when it comes to the recipe, and it’s seriously confusing people. The paste between the wafers is actually made from other crushed-up Kit Kats.

Naturally, the internet immediately reacted to the news with many witty comments. One YouTuber stated that this was a good way to tackle food waste, pointing out that when a Kit Kat gets broken, it isn’t thrown out but used again. So, according to him, this meant that a Kit Kat bar was literally made up of crushed-up Kit Kats.

No Kit Kat Is Left Behind

Things are actually a bit more complex than people on the internet imagine they’d be. Apparently, Nestlé turns the rejected Kit Kats into a paste and uses that to layer the wafers between the bars. This gives each Kit Kat a unique taste and texture. Still, the online comments were really witty and pointed out that if Kit Kats were made of Kit Kats, the real mystery was what the first Kit Kat was made from.

After long online debates, some people eventually concluded that Kit Kat bars were in an infinite loop of Kit Kat that never ends. Sadly, the first Kit Kats were probably made of just chocolate and wafers, and using the crushed-up broken bars became a thing later on. Still, that was a good bit of food trivia that Nestlé chose to share with its fans.