5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

Who doesn’t love traveling? Everyone craves the rush of wind in the face, rediscovering the smell of nature, enjoying the new cultures, and meeting new people. We all have a deep-rooted desire to quit our day jobs and start our voyage around the world!
However, no matter how much you want to visit, there are some places on earth off-limit to all the travelers and tourists. Sometimes the reasons are bizarre, while other times, for completely legit reasons.
So, let’s take a peek at the five places where you can’t go!

Area 51, The USA

This is the most obvious name on the list today. The authorities of the USA have never given a proper explanation about why the zone so rigid security protocol. Officially, Area 51 is a United States Air Force (USAF) classified facility.

5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

They are so secretive about it that they have prohibited planes flying above the zone, and the lands are filled with mines. You cannot trespass or even take photographs.
The most notorious theory of Area 51 is that it is a specialized laboratory for testing aliens or alien technology.

Snake Island – Brazil

An island, Ilha da Queimada Granda 21 miles from the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil, is infamous for having snakes. You might be thinking that – What’s the big deal? Isn’t it normal for the snakes to live the jungles?
Well, yes, snakes do live in the warn tropical jungles. But here in the Snake Island, you will find about one to five snakes residing in every square meter!

5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

But some researchers disagree with that number. The more reliable number would be far less. Smithsonian believes that about 2,000 to 4,000 Lancehead Vipers call Ilha da Queimada Granda their home.
However, hypothetically, people can visit Ilha da Queimada Granda. You would require special permission from the Brazilian Government and which is quite a rare incident.

Bohemian Grove – The USA

The Bohemian Grove is an estate in Monte Rio, Calif. The 2,700 acres of the mammoth-sized estate is actually nothing more than a boy’s club. But let me remind you, this not an ordinary boy’s club. Only the most elite and powerful VIPs around the world have access, and the club prefers the “invite-only” policy.

5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

Some of the members of the Grove are US presidents, influential government officials, business moguls, and pioneers. The activities of this elite club are top secret.
Needless to say, commoners don’t have permission to enter the estate.

Vatican Archives – Vatican City

If you are a fan of Dan Brown’s novels, you might have some ideas about this place. The Pope and other Christian leaders reside in Vatican City. But deep in the city, there is a secret vault called the Vatican Archives.
Some speculate the evidence of demons, evil spirits, and other religious myths can be found here. Only a selected few scholars have access to the Archive.

5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

The ordinary people like you and me can only check out the conspiracy theories revolving around the place.

Poveglia Island – Italy

This is the oddest name on the list. Well, you can’t visit this lush green island because it’s haunted! No, it’s not some local myth or tales from any ancient folklore.
The Italian Government has banned people, both locals, and tourists, from visiting the island.

5 Places Around the World Normal People Can’t Access

The Poveglia island used to be a dumping ground of dead bodies for centuries. Then, the island was used for banishing victims of Bubonic Plague. Finally, in the 19th century, the Government established an asylum on the island where doctors performed inhuman and cruel experiments on people.
After that, it was abandoned.

People have witnessed ghost sightings multiple times from time to time. Before things got out of hand, the Italian Government put the ban.