The Support for Zack Snyder and His DC Movies Was 15% Fake Accounts

Zack Snyder was getting agitated when he couldn’t get to remove producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg from his re-cut of Justice League. His agent was calling Warner Bros. every day to check on why the situation wasn’t being addressed. On June 26, 2020, Snyder decided he had enough. He confronted an executive in the studio and reportedly threatened to destroy the producers on social media. It seems he was calling on the social media movement that had been building around him since 2018. Soon, the movement was calling for boycotts and demanding that executives be fired.

The Online Movement Around Director Zack Snyder Got Out of Control

Zack Snyder
Apparently, the online movement was out of control and got so much into cyber harassment that Warner Bros.’ security division had to get involved. It was around that apparent mayhem that many insiders started questioning how organic the Snyder Verse legion was. According to WarnerMedia reports, at least 13% of the accounts that took part in the discussions about the Snyder Cut were fake, with 3-5% being the norm for other trending topics. So, even though Snyder did indeed have scores of authentic fans behind him, their voices were amplified by many bogus accounts.

Zack Snyder Received Online Support From Many Fake Accounts

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After being confronted with the data about fake accounts helping his cause, Snyder claimed that if anyone was pulling strings to affect the social media fervor, that was Warner Bros. He further explained how they were trying to leverage his fan base to bolster subscriber numbers for their new streaming service. The Snyder Verse fan mobilization was certainly a wake-up call for many digital marketing executives who studied the movement to learn how to better harness the power of social media. After it was successful in pressuring Warner Bros. to release the director’s version of Justice League, the movement is now calling for Warner Bros. to greenlight more of Snyder’s DC movies. One tweet on the topic even racked up more than a million tweets in a single day.

WarnerMedia Investigate the Snyder Verse Community for Fake Accounts

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Alarming posts coming from the Snyder Verse were what got WarnerMedia to commission a series of reports from a cybersecurity firm that would analyze the trolling. The reports eventually surfaced and offered a glimpse inside the powerful movement. Analysis of the posts showed that there was a larger than usual negative activity by real and fake authors around the hashtags to release the Snyder Cut and restore the Snyder Verse. Another trend was that authors would spread negative content about WarnerMedia for not responding to the pleas of the fans.